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Top 4 Beautiful Waterfalls in Blue Ridge GA That You Need to See

Georgia’s Blue Ridge offers a wide variety of wonderful natural sights for visitors to enjoy, including many impressive waterfalls! The best part is that these cascades are accessible by hikes of various distances, and they are all just a short drive from the Waterside at Blue Ridge! Here are the top 4 beautiful waterfalls in Blue Ridge GA that you need to see during your vacation:

1. Long Creek Falls

One of the most popular waterfalls in Blue Ridge GA is Long Creek Falls, where the falls total about 50 feet in two distinct drops. A leisurely 30 minute hike leads to the falls, which is uphill on the way there and downhill on the way back out. You will know when you get close to the falls as the sound can be overwhelming, especially if you are visiting after a period of rain! To access the trailhead for the hike to Long Creek Falls, follow Forest Service Road 58 to the Three Forks area. The trail starts on the north side of the road and begins as a gradual hike along Long Creek.

2. Jacks River FallsPeople hiking

Another one of the impressive waterfalls in Blue Ridge GA is Jacks River Falls, which is situated in a stunning wilderness setting! This makes the long 9 mile hike to the falls well worth the effort from the Dally Gap trailhead. Along the hike, you will experience many of the highlights of the Jacks River valley and splash through multiple river crossings. Be sure to pack some dry bags with a change of clothes as you are bound to get wet along this journey! You will also get to see old growth hemlock trees as they tower over the trail, as well as wildflowers and colorful mushrooms during the warmer months of the year.

3. Fall Branch Falls

Fall Branch Falls is a spectacular multi-tiered waterfall where moss, fern and rhododendron bask in the cool mist. The area at the base of the falls is a perfect place for a picnic lunch as you can enjoy the scenic backdrop of the tumbling waterfall and the peaceful sound of the falling water! The trail to Falls Branch Falls is ideal for beginners because it is relatively short. While the hike to the falls is nearly all uphill, you can stop for several breaks to appreciate the mossy forest, a clear mountain trout stream and the fresh forest air.

bridge over water on hiking trail4. Sea Creek Falls

Sea Creek Falls is located in the Cooper Creek Scenic Area and is accessible via an easy hike of just a half mile. The upper and lower portions of the falls are both a series of steep cascades, with the upper portion ending in a brief drop. Once you reach the first section, you must climb steep, narrow steps to access the second larger waterfall. Since these steps can get slippery, they are dangerous and should be climbed with extreme caution. While Sea Creek Falls is an amazing sight at any time of year, it is particularly impressive after a summer rain or during late winter and spring!

Now that you know where to find some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Blue Ridge GA, check out all of our rentals today and book your stay close to these natural wonders! We look forward to seeing you soon at Waterside at Blue Ridge!

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